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Symitry Ltd is able to offer credit facilities (subject to approval) for organisations and companies. We are also able to provide third party leasing, rental and hire-purchase facilities.

There is a selection of companies that are able to provide specialist finance for projects, both large and small which include amongst others, IBM Finance and CSI Leasing.

Leasing with Symitry Ltd

Why Lease? Lease finance offers a total solution to fund your technology investment. You can now get your products today without making a large initial outlay. You are converting a major capital expenditure into a simple monthly payment.

10 Reasons to Lease

Low Monthly Payments: A monthly lease payment is typically lower than the payment from other methods of financing. You can actually afford more equipment by paying monthly over 3 years.

Virtually Nothing Down: Where other types of financing require a hefty down payment, lease agreements can require an advance of only one monthly payment (subject to underwriting). Leasing puts hardware to work immediately, at a minimal up-front cost. You can acquire what you need without tying up capital.

Protect Your Lines of Credit: Lease payments have no impact on credit lines with the bank. Borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities.

Have the Latest and Greatest: Symitry gives you the products you need today. You can move forward to increase sales and grow your business immediately without having lengthy purchase decision discussions.

Eliminate Obsolescence: The newest 'innovation' doesn't stay new for very long. But if you're leasing, you can upgrade earlier through technology refresh and stay on the cutting edge for the term of the lease.

Realise Tax Advantages: Lease payments are 100% tax allowable. This usually means reduced tax bills for companies making profits.

Simplify Accounting: Lease payments are little more than a line item in your monthly cost of operations - freeing you from time-consuming depreciation schedules.

Guard Against Market Conditions With a Fixed Payment: Remember 1980, when interest rates rocketed from 9% to 21.5% in a single year? Unlike bank lines of credit, with variable rates, lease payments are fixed - no matter what happens to the market tomorrow.

It's the New Standard for Financing Business: Leasing is the fastest-growing way of financing technology in business today. A recent Gallup survey found that 80% of UK businesses lease a portion of their equipment. The list of companies using leasing ranges from the Fortune 500 to the family store. A growing business always faces the dilemma of limited cash flow and the need to use equipment. Leasing can put our products to work without a major capital investment and with real cash-flow advantages.

Gartner recently suggest that £1.6 billion of IT Hardware alone is being financed each quarter!!

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