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For more than 20 years QStar has delivered enterprise class archival storage and data management solutions to customers around the world. QStar consistently meets increasing sophisticated requirements with an industry leading technology platform, which has the capability and flexibility to meet the demands of todayís challenging business climate.

QStarís storage solutions are part of a complete archive and data management platform that is hardware, system and data independent. This unique architectural approach enables customers to optimize their existing IT infrastructure while minimizing disruption and capital expense. With thousands of customers across a wide range of industries, QStar provides corporations, government agencies, and medical facilities with the strategies and solutions to manage a changing technology landscape while protecting their valuable digital assets for the future.


3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice

Simplicity is often the key to success and QStar believes that this is the case when creating a robust and cost effective digital archive environment. Some companies offer very complicated and costly archive solutions, but our two decades of experience has demonstrated that putting the right foundation in place is the key to building an archive that actually optimizes your overall IT infrastructure. This is what 3-2-1 is all about.

An archive doesnít have to be complex and disruptive. The 3-2-1 Best Practice provides a simple design and deployment strategy that creates a highly resilient archive, while eliminating costly over provisioning within your existing storage infrastructure.

The 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice advocates that a minimum of 3 copies of all business critical data be retained, these copies should be kept on 2 different types of storage media, and at least one copy should be offsite on removable media.

3-2-1 Archive Benefits

  • Reduces the demand for IT capital acquisition
  • Optimizes the use of existing IT infrastructure
  • Eliminates backup overhead for archive data
  • Lowers power consumption costs and carbon footprint
  • Delivers robust availability for archive data
  • Creates a foundation for regulatory compliance

To download a full description of 3-2-1, click on the following PDF - QSTAR 3-2-1 VISION

QStar Appliance Solutions

The Sntry series of solutions are network attached appliances designed for specific storage applications. Using QStarís field proven software platform, the Sntry solutions are simple to deploy and manage, highly scalable, and optimized for maximum performance.

Solution Application Supported Hardware
SntrySTR Enterprise Storage Management RAID, Optical, Tape, CAS
SntrySTR Xpress SMB Storage Management RAID, Blu-ray
SntryML Email Archiving RAID, Optical, Tape, CAS
SntryVTL Backup Tape Virtualization RAID

QStar Software Products

QStarís software products provide a rich set of data and storage resource management functionality. These products can be deployed as independent applications or can be added incrementally to an existing platform installation. Advanced functionality includes real time mirroring for disaster prevention, and content lifecycle management through policy based server/client data migration.

Archive Management Application Description
HSM Enterprise Storage Management Available on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS
Data Director Mirrored Disaster Prevention Extension to HSM, SntrySTR
SDJ/STJ Mirrored Archive Performance Extension to HSM, SntrySTR
Network Migrator Policy Based Data Migration Standalone or extension to HSM, SntrySTR

Publishing & Mastering

Master Optical Archive and Mastering Supports DVD and CD libraries
Publisher Archive Optical Archive and Publication Supports all leading publication/duplication libraries

QStar Product overview

Symitry Ltd's dedicated and highly trained QStar team are ready to help with any Archiving/Storage related enquiries, please either contact your account manager or contact us directly for further information.

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