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ALVEA Authentication

Securing access to internal and external resources has always been a serious business concern for organisations of all sizes. Now, with more devices able to access an increasing number of business web and cloud applications, and constant reports in the press of data leakage and security breaches, greater emphasis must be placed on increased protection for all users’ access points.

Most organisations will have invested heavily in securing systems and infrastructure to protect important company data, but it is estimated that up to 75% of businesses still only rely on the use of standard username and password combinations to control access and authentication to business services and tools.

Anywhere there is a password, there is a vulnerability risk. ALVEA Authentication mitigates that risk by delivering simple, automated, managed two factor authentication services.


ALVEA Authentication Elite is a fully managed service delivering a complete end-to-end solution to your authentication needs, taking care of scoping, bespoke set-up, implementation, provisioning, ongoing management and support. Ideal for customers whose IT staff need to focus on other key business functions, safe in the knowledge that your security is taken care of by experts.

For larger corporations who wish to maintain management of token commissioning and decommissioning, policy and ongoing management, our ALVEA Authentication Flex service provides the flexibility many IT administrators require. We take the headache of the initial set-up, provisioning and infrastructure away, whilst providing ongoing support and service assistance, on an ad-hoc basis through the use of Service Incident Credits, as and when required.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Strong two factor authentication services
  • Increased secure access control to protect critical systems, business information and data
  • Secure remote access for mobile and remote workers
  • No servers, no hardware, no capital expenditure
  • Reduced infrastructure, technical resource and management costs
  • Combining best-of-breed technology and ALVEA expertise
  • Fast, simple deployment
  • Choice of hardware and software tokens, SMS and smartphone strong authentication
  • 99.999 uptime guarantee
  • Global, scalable and resilient infrastructure

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