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Business Internet Continuity Service

ALVEA have partnered with Avanti Communications to be able to provide satellite failover Business Internet Continuity (BIC) services, for a true physically diverse solution. ALVEA BIC has been designed to provide emergency internet access should your standard link be severed or disabled, by enabling you to switch Internet access to Avantiís two-way satellite HYLAS 1.

The ALVEA suite of Business Internet Continuity services integrate seamlessly into your existing network and in the event of a failure of your primary connection, enables both inbound and outbound traffic to continue uninterrupted. Ensuring operation of your critical internet based services such as web, email, VPN and E-Commerce.


Effective Business Internet Continuity

Emergency internet access via two-way satellite should your existing internet connection fail. The ideal replacement for the traditional back-up fixed line, the two-way satellite technology ensures that there is no single point of failure and that connection to the internet is always maintained.

Latest Technology

Our solutions are based on the latest Ka-band satellite technology; giving speeds of up to 8Mbps download and up to 2Mbps upload. ALVEA BIC gives you true physically diverse connectivity to the internet, ISP or data-centre.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Emergency internet access if your standard connection fails
  • Speeds of up to 8Mbps download and up to 2Mbps upload
  • Monitoring with activation notification
  • Comprehensive range of packages available
  • Fast installation and activation
  • 8x5 Telephone support

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