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Cloud Attached Storage Service®

The ALVEA Cloud Attached Storage service has been designed to address the many causes for data loss including human error, theft, local disasters, hardware failure and more. Traditional solutions for data security, storage and protection are often unnecessarily expensive, unreliable, and prone to human error. Protecting workstations, laptops and servers to backup and restore data quickly and securely, ALVEA Cloud Attached Storage offers a cost-effective solution for centralised storage and secure off-site data protection.

This service combines on-premise Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances with cloud services to provide an integrated, all-in-one solution for shared storage, data protection and collaboration - avoiding the need for separate, more expensive solutions that are difficult to manage.


Protecting Workstations, Laptops and Servers

ALVEA combines backup for local network desktops, PC agents for roaming laptop backup and Server Agents for application-aware server backup, to deliver a comprehensive service.

Local & Cloud Backup Copies

Optimised for speed and security, ALVEA’s hybrid approach provides quick access and recovery from local backup (stored on the ALVEA appliance), whilst using the cloud for disaster recovery.


ALVEA CAS requires only a simple, one-time configuration. Online backup then runs automatically according to the desired schedule.

Service Features and Benefits

  • On-premise Network Attached Storage
  • Quick access & recovery from local backup
  • Cloud based replication for DR purposes
  • File level or “bare-metal” backup & recovery
  • Highly secure with full data encryption
  • Multiple backup options including versioning
  • Restore data from anywhere securely
  • Fully supported with SLAs

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