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ALVEA Secure Endpoint Backup

Your data is your business. Protection of data is therefore critical. Client records, intellectual property and financial business information must be protected to safe-guard that business. With the growth of workforce mobility, increasingly stringent regulations and record breaking fines for data breaches, securing endpoint data is a real issue. ALVEA has created a suite of easy to deploy services to deliver a secure, resilient endpoint data solution delivering security and compliance with all the benefits of cloud computing.

Combining enterprise PC and laptop backup, at rest data encryption, remote data deletion, data shredding and port access control; the ALVEA Secure Endpoint Backup Service ensures provision of flexible, consistent and resilient corporate endpoint data security policies to businesses of any size.


Secure Endpoint Backup

Our standard service, ALVEA Secure Endpoint Backup, delivers automatic laptop and PC backup, storage / data recovery and includes:

  • Backup and storage of your selected critical files and data
  • Continuous scans prompting backup of data changes up to every minute
  • Data compression and de-duplication reduces data traffic and network utilisation
  • Administrators can restore the latest data, or older versions of critical files via the ALVEA portal, to help meet the most demanding Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives

Secure Endpoint Backup and Protection

To further enhance the security and compliance of endpoint data, the ALVEA Secure Backup and Protection suite includes all of the features of the standard backup service, but with additional security benefits of, at rest data encryption, remote data shredding, remote deletion and port access control.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Full range of service and storage options
  • Flexibility to easily adapt to changing business needs
  • Flexible payment options
  • Service Management as standard including:-
    • Installation assistance
    • Centralised management
    • Backup, storage and security policies created to each customerís needs
    • Automatic updates and upgrades
    • Telephone and email support from our permanently manned Global Support Centre
    • Unlimited standard policy changes within business hours
    • Secure Web Portal

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