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With more and more e-focussed organisations we are more than ever, exposed to web and email based threats. We need to identify the threats that exist and provide the best solutions that enable you to defend yourself against them. You need to understand where the issues lie and how do they come to affect your organisation. We have identified 4 key categories that the threats can be identified:

  • Legal liability and copyright infringement
  • Protection
  • Analysis
  • Productivity

Our experience has shown us that historically, a corporate implementation security solution was originally driven by legal concerns. When the Internet was becoming more and more available to office users, it was found that adult entertainment sites created a significant legal liability due to the frequency they were being visited. There have been large numbers of cases that have involved the misuse of the web as well as sexual or racial harassment through email. These cases have frequently resulted in litigation with multi-million pound penalties.  Content contained in emails that has been used to sexually and racially harass employees have led to many large organisations facing litigation from disgruntled employees.

Legislation is affecting the way that organisations view their security policies because of the increasing need to take responsibility for the content they hold and the content that is being passed through their network.

It is important to take steps to ensure that your organisation is not at risk. Symitry Ltd are expert at providing workable security solutions to large and small businesses which ensure that productivity is not impeded yet systems are safe from misuse by external and internal threats. The right solution for your scenario need not cost the earth. We can help you gauge the risks and choose an appropriate level of protection.

Our thinking is that we can offer services to present our clients with a range of integrated services in areas that include, network vulnerability detections, audits on security technologies, implementation of e-solutions, installation, regular performance reviews and Software Inventory Management (SIM) - a software consultancy and management service. Our security professionals deliver insight, industry knowledge and support ensuring that our solutions are effectively deployed and managed.

Symitry Ltd's dedicated and highly trained team are ready to help with any enquiries you may have, please either contact your account manager or contact us directly for further information or to open an account today.