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Storage and Backup

Storage Solutions

Organisations have traditionally viewed growing data storage requirements from a hardware perspective; simply adding additional storage servers as the number of applications and amount of data grows on a modular basis. However, even though the storage capacity of hardware has kept pace with demand, this modular or direct attached storage approach has led to server proliferation and spiralling management costs. The result is businesses struggle with expanding data stores that are notoriously inflexible, complex, unreliable, non-scalable and not cost effective for today's storage requirements. For many organisations the increasing demand for data retention and integrity due to compliance regulations gives these issues additional significance.

Symitry Ltd work with you and your business alongside industry leading vendors to tackle the issues head on by shifting the focus from storage hardware to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). ILM processes and enablers mark the next phase in storage evolution. ILM processes supply the intelligence to run operations, help fulfil growing regulatory requirements, and protect information from disaster and corruption. By designing and deploying best of breed networked storage solutions using architectural standards and best practices, the complexity & cost of storage networks is reduced.

By working with Symitry Ltd to implement a strategic storage solution to support the business, you can enjoy a more flexible, manageable, and cost effective IT environment that can grow alongside the business and adapt to changing demands.

We can provide you with quality and robust solutions for all your storage requirements - including:

  • Archiving
  • Filing
  • Data Access
  • Data Protection
  • Space Management
  • Document Management
  • Multimedia Content Management

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Storage Audit
  • Email Management & Archiving
  • Project Management
  • Storage Design and Architecture
  • Data Migration and Upgrades
  • Storage Infrastructure Optimisation
  • Ongoing Support

Back up

Information in storage devices is crucial; in fact it is the most valuable information within an organisation. Inability to access the information, or to recover it in any given situation would be disastrous. Therefore the emphasis lies with preserving and maintaining the ability to securely backup data and restore the information. At Symitry Ltd we have the knowledge, experience and technologies, backed up with the accreditations and partnerships to enable us to deliver data backup strategies and solutions for all kinds of storage devices.

We understand the requirements of organisations for viewing and managing data and storage resource information, and therefore the storage solutions we provide eliminate many of the management difficulties that traditional backup and recovery products encounter due to their physical storage device orientation. Symitry Ltd have found that this approach is especially important for today's data-intensive enterprises as they move from server-centric to data-centric storage solutions, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN).

We also have the relationships to assist in developing your backup strategy in accordance with UK and EU legislation upon the maintenance of documents within your organisation - be they email, financial, etc... We can therefore ensure that your data will not only be securely backed up, but it will bring you in line with regulation and legislation.

Symitry Ltd's dedicated and highly trained team are ready to help with any enquiries you may have, please either contact your account manager or contact us directly for further information or to open an account today.