Big Data

Make intelligent decisions based on the data you currently own. In the digital age the data that is being collected by each company is growing at an exponential rate.

Are you aware?

A number of companies are unaware that their biggest asset is in fact their data. What Big Data allows you to do is to ask questions of that data to provide your business with meaningful insights so that you can make more informed decisions.

Big Data is a huge topic and covers a number of areas. With the introduction of AI, businesses are making staggering leaps and bounds in the quality of service that they are able to provide to their clients.

To provide this level of service, you need to be confident that the applications you are running are able to process huge volumes of data to provide you with the right insights. The software being used needs to be right and the hardware, whether that is on-site or in the cloud, is powerful enough to support this.

Symitry are partners with a number of vendors that have Big Data very much at the heart of their business. They are aware that more and more is being asked of their platforms so the best way to address this is to have a best of breed solution that provides the customer with the solution best fit for their company. The areas that we look at under Big Data are:

Business Intelligence
Giving you the ability to make intelligent decisions for your business.
Internet of Things
Build applications allowing you to securely connect to any device. Ensure that you have the infrastructure capable of allowing your business to take on new technologies.
Big Data Storage
Storage is a key component when thinking about big data solutions. Ensure that your data storage is secure, easily accessible and always there when you need it
Artificial Intelligence
By working with a number of vendors, we can implement solutions that make smart decisions for your business.

Looking for Big Data Solutions?

Find out how Symitry can help you analyse your data to make intelligent business decisions.