Hosted Voice & Unified Communications

There are many options around present day communications infrastructures. It is no wonder that many CFOs, IT Directors, IT Managers and other decision makers are confused about which communications model to choose for their business.

Hosted voice solutions are ideal for customers looking to move to cloud based telephony. Without the need for an on-premise PBX your system can sit in a cloud environment and offer a rich array of features over and above a traditional telephone system.

Hosted voice solutions can drive down communications costs while providing additional features over and above a simple dial tone to enhance user productivity. With only one network, companies can lower infrastructure and support costs whilst improving speed and quality of communications across the whole company.

Skype for Business

Hosted Skype for Business combines instant messaging, VoIP calling, live meetings and video conferencing on a business grade platform, giving you access from anywhere with an internet connection, you can:


  • Schedule external video conferences and receive voicemails in Exchange
  • Email from Skype for Business
  • Save call recordings into SharePoint
  • Send meeting notes from OneNote
  • Pull contacts from Outlook
  • Instant message from SharePoint


Skype for Business puts any device at the centre of communications. You could also voice enable Microsoft 365.

Skype for Business benefits:

  • Communication and Collaboration - Available on PC, Macs, tablets and mobile phones, access from anywhere with an internet connection keeping the business connected.
  • Cost - Capital expenditure becomes Operational Expenditure. Microsoft has opened up low cost and free of charge call streams.
  • Productivity - Join voice and video conferences from wherever you are with one click. Collaborate on important documents without having to travel hundreds of miles. Find colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers quickly and communicate in real time.
  • User Adoption - A familiar interface means greater early adoption and less training.

Unified Communications

If you're looking for communications that exceed just voice conversations then Unified Communications (UC) or Unified Communications as a Service (Ucaas) would be the way to go.


Unified Communications integrates unified messaging (email, fax, integrated voicemail and SMS) with real-time services such as presence, Audio, video and web conferencing, desktop sharing, instant messaging (IM) or chat, mobility features and more.


Unified Communications can also integrate with some CRM systems and Microsoft Office programs to enable companies to speed up the general decision making process and improve the overall speed of communications across their business.

When deciding whether hosted voice is appropriate for your organization; or, whether taking this a step further and adding on Unified Communications or UCaaS if necessary, remember that hosted voice can provide your company with improvements like better voice quality, lower costs, and infrastructure savings.


If you decide that additional collaboration tools are required - over and above the advanced calling features offered with hosted voice, like conferencing, email, instant messaging, mobility, and presence - then maybe UC or UCaaS is the correct decision for your organisation.


Looking for a VoIP solution that can scale with your business?

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