Hyperconverged solutions allow you to simplify your infrastructure by combining your servers, storage and hypervisor into a single pane of glass

What is Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence is the simplification of your infrastructure. Traditionally within your infrastructure you will have separate servers, storage, networking and hypervisor. Hyperconvergence simplifies this process by combining the IT Infrastructure into one easy to use, highly available and redundant appliance.

Hyperconvergence can work in a number of different business sizes and industries so it should not be the case that you feel you are too small or too large to benefit from Hyperconvergence.


Why Hyperconvergene?

Hyperconvergence can bring you the following benefits.

  • Multiple Points of Failure - a true Hyperconverged solution will have a number of points of failure meaning that it is a lot more redundant than your typical IT environment. To get a like for like infrastructure you would have to have three servers and three SANS to get the same level of redundancy!
  • Scalabilty - to increase capacity or compute power simply add additional nodes to a Hyperconverged cluster
  • Single Throat to Choke - As your three critical components all live under the same application, in the event of a failure you'd only have to speak to one support team and not worry about who to contact to solve the problem.


Hyperconvergence and Symitry

Symitry Ltd are Hyperconvergence experts working with a number of Hyperconvergence vendors. Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to implement the most effective Hyperconvergence solution for your business. We implement Hyperconvergence solutions for various size businesses across a number of industries.

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