Hosted VOIP – Everything you need to know

What is hosted VoIP?

The way that hosted VoIP works is simple and is based on the use of the Internet instead of standard phone lines. Instead of phone calls being forwarded through a network that exists within a business of cords and wires, the cloud VoIP business telephone system operates via the Internet assigning your office a phone number that can be accessed from around the world. 


What Equipment do I need for hosted VOIP? 


VoIP systems have multiple equipment options. For replication of the traditional phone experience, you can use an IP phone or a wireless phone to connect to the Internet but also include a softphone client, which is an application that makes and receives calls directly from a computer or mobile device. 


VOIP vs Traditional telephony – Benefits of switching 


1) Save Money 


VoIP calls are significantly cheaper than landline services. VoIP is cheaper than a landline because it uses an existing internet connection rather than requiring a separate system or additional hardware and, in some cases,, you may even be able to cut 40–50 per cent off your call costs. 


Add on features with no extra cost

A traditional phone system would charge you for add on features whereas a VOIP system will often include these features with no additional cost. 

Save money by remote working

VoIP lets employees work remotely and stay connected due to all its features indirectly saving money on office space and utility bills. 


2) Advanced Features 


VoIP comes with many advanced features that are not available with a traditional phone system, because of all the features it comes with it helps make communications between colleagues and customers much easier and can improve customer service significantly. 



A digital receptionist enabling you to be transferred to an extension without the need of a real one. 


Call recording 

VOIP systems allow you to easily record calls often at the click of a mouse and store them in an audio format that can be replayed. 


Do Not Disturb function 

This function will stop you being interrupted by other calls whilst already on the phone, it allows you to send calls to voicemail or transfer to another colleague at the press of a button 


Call screening 

You can screen calls and divert accordingly whether you are avoiding a salesperson or simply want to direct your spouse to your mobile phone 


Voicemail to email 

This function transcribes your voicemail messages to text and sends them to a preferred email where you can listen, store, and delete them easily and avoid missing any important messages. 


3) Larger Scalability 


VoIP system will grow with your business without you having to buy expensive hardware or additional phone lines. 


4) The flexibility of a softphone 


A softphone is not a piece of hardware and is a desktop application that can be installed onto mostly all devices. The softphone uses software to mimic the functionality of a desk phone on your screen therefore workers can work remotely with just a laptop significantly reducing office desk space. 


Softphones allow for remote flexible working; employees can take calls from anywhere enabling a constantly connected workforce. 


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