ISDN Switch off 2025 – How to prepare yourself

The ISDN switch-off is fast approaching and the phase-out has already started by BT no longer accepting new orders.

ISDN Stands for "Integrated Services Digital technology that enables the transmission of digital data over standard phone lines. It can be used for voice calls as well as data.


Why is ISDN being switched off?

The short answer is that they are old fashioned legacy technologies with associated maintenance costs and drawbacks. BT has invested heavily in VoIP, so it doesn't make any sense to invest further in its legacy ISDN network. By converging all their services to IP, BT will be able to focus their resources and energy into a technology that will allow it to meet the demands of businesses in the future.


What are the alternatives?

The now of telecommunications is VoIP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Hosted VoIP doesn’t use traditional landlines to make connections but instead enables both voice and video calls on a global scale using just an active internet connection. Making the switch not only makes calling far cheaper but also makes it far easier to set-up as there are no physical lines to be installed.


How can you future proof your business ready for 2025?

BT will no longer be taking new ISDN orders, and you shouldn’t be looking to buy a new ISDN system now anyway. If you are in a position where a new phone system makes sense for your organisation, then now is the time to upgrade to VoIP, or consider moving to a hosted PBX system.

2 million BT ISDN customers, then there’s no need to panic. The clock is ticking, but you’ve still got five years before the switch off, and there’s plenty of time to work out exactly what you want to do. You’ll want to do your research and ensure that any choice you make works best for your business the process is pretty seamless. Many suppliers may well be able to upgrade your existing system to SIP trunks, meaning you won’t even have to buy a new telephone system. You’ll also need to ensure that your current internet connection provides enough bandwidth to cope with the new network.


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