Why you should think about leasing when you purchase IT

Why you should think about leasing when you purchase IT

When a business is required to upgrade their IT infrastructure it can often be a costly and expensive time. This can take money away from other aspects of the business and can put a hold on spending for a period of time across the whole company. So why not consider leasing as an alternative to a capital expenditure.

With leasing you can break a large expense down to manageable payments which means your organisation is able to afford to have the latest technology to help your organisation. This can be for any IT Hardware, Software or Services you require.

For example, say you had 30 employees all using laptops and you wanted to upgrade their laptops. A typical laptop costs £600, so to purchase 30 laptops would cost in the region of £18,000. With leasing this is broken down to a payment of less than £25 per month per person. This equates to less than a cup of coffee per day person!

So if you would like to see if financing can help you stretch your budget get in touch with Symitry and see how we can help!


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