Top 5 Digital Transformation Tips

Are you scratching your head on where to start on your digital transformation strategy?

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the implementation of technology to solve business problems. There isn’t one specific way in which Digital Transformation is to be carried out. Instead a business or organisation should evaluate what proces

ses they are currently doing and see how technology can make it better.

To get you started we’ve put together 5 tips to demystify digital transformation

1. Outline your business goals

The first place to start is to outline what as a business you are looking to achieve over the next 12 months. Are you looking to increase your brand awareness or want to increase efficiency in your workforce? Identify what you want to achieve as a business before you start looking at how technology can help you.

2. Get buy in at board level

It’s great to look at different technologies and how they can help your business. But what if your MD doesn’t think so. It’s inevitable that an IT Director or Manager will be asked the question if it is necessary for the business but if you can help show how other companies have benefited will greatly help.

3. Define KPIs

In order to achieve your goals it is essential to track the right metrics. Are you looking to improve productivity? How will this be measured? Defining the right KPIs will help make sure that the technologies you are implementing are actually helping the business.

4. Understand the User Experience

Any changes you make will make a big impact on how your users will go about their day to day job. Ensuring that your users have bought in to the new changes will make a big difference to make sure that they are actually making the most of the benefits you are looking to introduce.

5. Digital Transformation is an ongoing process

Digital Transformation is not just a 6-12 month project and then you can stop. You should be constantly monitoring and evaluating new technologies and seeing how they can help your business.


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