70% of UK consumers are unaware of GDPR is and what it entails. All businesses of any size have to be compliant so ensure that your business is protected.

GDPR has shaken things up in the way that data is handled and managed by businesses. There are now much more stringent checks on organisations to ensure that they are not misusing any data they hold on individuals. Non-compliance of these regulations can lead to a hefty fine which can wipe out a company's bottom line.

Businesses now need to look at their entire process and ensure that they are complying with the correct procedures in terms of data handling. There is no one solution to solve the problem and this is something that now must be done on an ongoing basis. Part of this involves a change in the way that a company operates and ensuring that a company is mitigating the impact of data breaches before and after they happen.

FastTrack to GDPR

FastTrack to GDPR readiness includes a workshop event which is designed for all of the people inside an organisation that need to understand what GDPR means for them in the context of the company and department.

For the FastTrack service, following the workshop, Symitry provide a GDPR practitioner, on site, to expedite gathering the information and assisting with documentation which is required to achieve compliance with the GDPR as of 25th May 2018.

Our approach to helping a company with GDPR compliance is a much more consultative process.  Symitry take a three-stage approach when looking at GDPR.

  1. Data Audit - Determine where data is being held, why it's being held and how it's held. This will give a complete overview of data within your organisation
  2. Gap Analysis - A report to show you where the gaps are in terms of compliance with GDPR regulations
  3. Implementation and Ongoing- Working with you to implement these changes. Compliance with GDPR is very much an ongoing process so we can work with you to implement the correct policies and also provide you with support that you may need.

GDPR Readiness Assessment

As with the FastTrack Service, the Readiness Assessment starts with a workshop event for key staff to understand the challenges they need to overcome, in the context of their organisation, to avoid the risks of GDPR non-compliance.

Following the workshop, templates are provided so that the organisation can produce a personal information audit and GDPR gap information which is used by Symitry to produce a comprehensive GDPR Readiness Assessment report.

Get Compliant

Ensure your business is GDPR compliant with dedicated services and advice from Symitry.