Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity solutions for any size

Business Continuity is about being prepared in any event to keep your business up and running. Any downtime and loss in productivity can cause monetary losses as well as a blow to a business's credibility. For this reason we would suggest every organisation has a business continuity plan in place. A good business continuity plan would include three key elements:

  • Resilience - the design and architecture of critical business infrastructure should be in a way that they are unaffected by an disruptions e.g. having a level of redundancy within the infrastructure
  • Recovery - being able to restore or recover critical business applications within a reasonable time frame
  • Contingency - the business has a methodology in place that allows the business to carry on working in the event where both resilience and recovery has failed.

To ensure that you are working as efficiently as possible no matter what happens, we will evaluate with you the critical applications and areas of your business. By understanding your business and how you operate, Symitry are able to work with you to implement cost effective Business Continuity plans.

Some of the business continuity solutions that we offer are:

Remote backup solution

A key component of having an effective backup solution is that the backup is not in the same physical environment. For that reason an offsite remote backup solution works around this as the backup copy is stored in an offsite location, usually a datacentre. This can also be used in conjunction with an onsite storage device that allows you to recover files easily.

Tape solutions

Tape was previously seen as the best way of backing up your data. However now with disk becoming cheaper and with offsite solutions available, tape is more often used as a method of storing archive data in place where it needs to be kept but not necessarily accessed routinely.

Virtual backup solutions

As more and more companies are moving to a Virtual Infrastructure having a backup solution in place that can cover both their physical and virtual environments is critical. We work with a number of vendors that cover both physical and virtual regardless of the flavour you go for.

Disaster Recovery

Having an effective disaster recovery plan an organisation can prepare for any eventuality. From backing up critical applications to a complete replication of your IT infrastructure in a hosted solution, there are a multitude of solutions that can support your business. Our consultants will work with you to deliver the most effective solution for your business requirements.