IT Procurement

Streamline your IT Procurement process

Competitive IT Procurment

Selecting the correct products is critical to ensuring your business and financial needs are met. With so many products on the market, ensuring the vendor products align to your corporate expectations and timelines are also essential.

Symitry Ltd has a long history of expertise in providing commodity services. We provide clients with a high level of service in sourcing the correct products at competitive rates including difficult to source items and even spares for discontinued models.

There are many complimentary services and options we can also offer customers to make life easier and become an extension of existing IT departments. We pride ourselves on the accuracy, speed and exceptional service we can offer over our many competitors.

Our streamlined processes mean that our customers don’t have to sacrifice their time and effort when dealing with complex licensing schemes and quotes across technologies and vendors.

Symitry can source, supply and manage virtually any software at competitive rates.

  • Hardware Procurement
  • Software Licensing
  • Asset Management
  • Configuration/Installation
  • Pre- & Post Sales/Technical Assistance
  • Warranty & Maintenance Tracking
  • Global Shipping

Leasing and Finance Available for IT and Computer Equipment

A number of companies are now looking at the benefits of IT leasing. As the demands on a business are ever changing and the need to keep upgrading technology keeps increasing, leasing provides a cost effective solution designed to fit in with your budget.

We are able to offer leasing on IT hardware and software over a number of different terms. 

Get in touch to see how much your next purchase would be if you decided to lease instead of buy.